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Recently Completed: introduction to China and India (AST1ICI)

Introduction to China and India (AST1ICI)

Assignment 2: Social Media Project (750-1000 words)———————-


For this assignment, you will be investigating an aspect of the question you prepared for the Reflective Annotated Bibliography. But where that first assignment had you explore the library and various scholarly databases, this assignment requires you to interact in some way with individuals in (or from) the region that we are studying in this course.——————-

Because multiple social media platforms are available for use, each student’s project might follow its own unique format.

1) You will document an attempt to interact with individuals or communities in or from China or India. Or, if you do not wish to write social media posts of your own, you will “observe” and report on the discussions of others.————————

  1. You will demonstrate how your specific topic or research question has contemporary relevance. How do people discuss this topic today? You may have to ask specific questions about your topic to uncover this information.




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