December 13, 2018
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    An Essay is a written Composition of a moderate length exploring a particular issue or subject. An Essay basically gives the Opinion and argument of the author. An Essay can either be Formal or informal. There are several types of Essays *Narrative Essays, Descriptive Essays, Expository Essays, Persuasive Essays, Argumentative Essays, Compare and Contrast Essays among others.
    ==Narrative Essays==
    In this type of essay the writer tells a story about real-life experience. The writer will concentrate on telling the story from his point of view. The author will tell his personal experience and express emotions in this essay.
    =Descriptive Essays==
    Just as the name suggests this essay basically describe something. The writer usually tries to paint a picture to the reader. In this type of essay the writer must try to explain the content into detail.
    ==Expository Essays==
    The writer in this type of essay writes about the Facts only. The author’s personal view is not relevant.
    ==Persuasive Essays==
    The author must be Persuasive enough. Basically, he must convince the reader. These type of essays are mostly used in marketing products to consumers. In this essay the writer should be Persuasive enough such that the reader will accept and agree with the writer’s argument and conclusion.
    ==Definition Essay==
    This Essay will require the writer to explain the meaning of a definite term. The term may be analyzed from the writer’s point of view or from its actual meaning.



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