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Speech Topic: informative outline

Speech Topic: informative outline


Texas Abortion Law



IAttention Getter : Once it has a heartbeat it must be held to term.


II. Audience Adaptation : [tell the audience why this should be important to them]


III. Build Credibility : [tell us why you are the expert] Majority of the abortions that had been previously been performed in Texas have no legal mandate because of the new law. Providers and those who aid to perform abortions in the state are exposed to a number of law suits. [expand this and give a source]


IV. Thesis Statement : Today I hope to inform you about the changes in the Texas abortion law.


V. Main Point Preview : To do that, I will explain the two biggest changes in the law, and how it might affect Texans seeking an abortion.


*Transition to Main Point 1: First, let’s look at the two main ways the Texan law on abortion has changed.




I. There have been two major changes to the law. These relate to when an abortion can be performed, and who can file a complaint against a provider.

a. Let’s start with when an abortion can occur.

i. The new bill signed into law by the state governor makes it illegal for Texans to engage in abortion activities that had been considered as legal in the past

ii. [Tell us what the law used to be]

iii. The new law contains a provision that prohibits any form of abortion after the unborn fetus has developed a heartbeat.

1. The issue had been taken to the Supreme Court of the U.S and the laws have been upheld

iv. Tell us how many states have the same guidelines we do for that

b. The second major change in the law is related to who can file a complaint

i. The law empowers private individuals to open lawsuits against anyone who facilitates an abortion process after six weeks.

ii. According to McCammon (2021), the new Texan law provides a leeway for individuals to bring civil lawsuits against physicians and others who aid any form of abortion after the unborn develops cardiac function.

iii. The provision is a direct deviation from the laws in other states which vest the law enforcement process on public officials.

iv. The Texan law has set up the whistleblower site that helps individuals to initiate suit against people that engage in abortion. According to Oxner (2021), the law has led to development of a website where individuals can raise alarm over individuals seen to go against the law. Besides, an individual that succeed in suing a provider that engages in abortion is awarded at least $10000. The approach makes it lucrative for individuals to act as community observer and deter different forms of abortion.



*Transition to Main Point 2: Now that we are familiar with the two major changes to the law, let’s look at how these changes might affect Texans.


II. The new abortion law has already created uncertainty for Texans seeking an abortion.

a. The providers and patients in Texas will have to deal with the questions that arise under the new legal framework.

i. According to McCammon (2021), most patients have raised questions over how they can procure abortion outside of the state of Texas.

1. [research the increase of abortions in Louisiana]

ii. However, it will not be easy for patients that seek the services but have no capacity to travel out of Texas. [can’t afford to travel, no vehicle, cannot take off work to go out of state]

iii. Other questions arise about whether states may follow suit and introduce similar legislations.

1. With the introduction of such laws in other states, the abortion cases may reduce and Texans may be left with even fewer options.





IMain Point Review : Today we covered the two biggest changes in the law, and how it might affect Texans seeking an abortion.



III. Set Mood / Balancing Link to Intro : Remember, the law has changed. …once it has a heartbeat it must be held to term.



III. Closing Statement Hopefully now you know more about the changes in the Texas abortion law.





McCammon, Sarah. “What The Texas Abortion Ban Does — And What It Means For Other States.” Retrieved from https://www.npr.org/2021/09/01/1033202132/texas-abortion-ban-what-happens-next

Oxner, Reese. “Texas lawmakers’ novel approach to skirting Roe v. Wade leaves abortion rights advocates without a legal playbook.” Retrieved from https://www.texastribune.org/2021/09/10/texas-abortion-ban-legal-challenges/





Thus, stakeholders in public health and Texans ought to jointly find a method of protecting pregnant women with health complications from the negative consequences the law could have


The Texan law has been developed by hardline anti-abortion activists seeking to create laws that are not easy to reverse through federal courts.


Due to hard stances prompted by the legislation[Because of this,], abortion cases will reduce massively partly due to fear of legal action against women and physicians.


The law in Texas seeks to cut abortion cases across the state and Texans should focus on how to redefine their abortion rights in the future.



The Texan law has created a limbo on the subject of abortion. Anti-abortion activists seem to have won against Texan women. Today, it is easy for a stranger to sue a Texan physician, mother, or any other individual that engages in abortion acts that would be lawful in other jurisdictions.

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