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Literacy Article


You are an experienced educator working for ABC Early Learning program. In your experience, you have worked with children of multiple ages and have been particularly interested in supporting children’s language and literacy development. With your expertise and interest in language and literacy development, you have been asked to provide an article for your program’s family newsletter that focuses on the importance and relationship of language and literacy in a child’s development.


Write a 1-page newsletter article that provides information for the families of your program. Focus your article on language and literacy and how they work together for their child’s development. Be sure to include the following:

Explain language development.

Explain literacy development.

Compare language and literacy development and explain how they are intertwined or work together in their child’s development.

Give your article an appropriate title.

Use professional grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structure.

Include a reference to your source at the bottom of the article.

The content must be supported by at least one credible source, such as a journal article, e-textbook content, or credible website to support your explanations (Sites including, but not limited to, About.com and Wikipedia are not acceptable sources).

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