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Admission essay

Admission essay
Applying for college requires you to complete an essay as part of the application. An essay offers you a chance to explain yourself to the admission officers. It also gives you an opportunity to state what you can do when given time to think and write about a project. When writing an admission essay always “be yourself”. For more information, check out the following tips.
First, come up with a topic that can help you express yourself better. Here, don’t focus much on the aspects a particular college. The number of activities you took while in high school doesn’t matter at all. Your focus should be on your personal story. Approach it creatively and highlight some of the aspects that were not covered in other application. It is important to include your high school records.
When writing your admission essay, narrow your focus. Avoid including many topics lest your essay looks like a resume. Focus more on yourself and provide more details so that your readers can understand who you are. Your reader should be able to find your main point and follow it to the end.
As you write your essay, focus on showing but not just stating the facts. For instance, avoid words like “I work well under minimum supervision.” Try and include specific details and examples; try and develop your ideas. In other words, state the fact and support it with an explanation and an example.
Also, stick to your own voice as you write your admission essay. Don’t use phrases that other people have used before ( don’t use tired phrases). Also, avoid using unnecessary words. Be personal and passionate when writing your admission essay.
When you finish writing your admission essay, ensure that you proofread it. Sometimes your computer‘s spell checker can fail to spot all the errors. Therefore, it is important to have someone else go through your work. Ask them, if what they read sounds like you.

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