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Citation Styles

Academic Writing Styles

In this particular era when writing is very pivotal, virtually all personalities in every nook and corner of the world should keep pulses with it. There are many ways in which writing comes in handy in life especially on matters education as well as just succinctly serving informal purposes. In that sense, academic writing is extremely meaningful. Some academic writing styles, accepted by long-term scholars in the academic arena include; MLA, APA and Chicago styles.
Additionally, owing to the fact that nothing can come on a silver platter, the good news is that practice makes perfect. Hopefully, once you get off track, you should keep trying so you increase your mastery and hone your writing craft, plunging it to the next level. Furthermore, it’s important for you to profoundly understand that academic writing is characteristic of a formal tone, precise word choice, and third person context. These are some of the indispensable features of academic writing styles.

♠APA Style

It’s highly likely that you’ve come across this term while navigating the online domain. Nonetheless, it’s actually one of the most commonly used writing styles all over the globe. To start off, APA was orchestrated by authors in the past with the ultimate aim of ensuring brevity as well as meaningful precision in the writing circles. If you were born from 1929, then this is definitely your best catch!
You must have heard something about this amazing writing style that has grown progressively over the years, to its point now where it’s widely used.

Also, APA(American Psychological Association) drew its basis from a seven-page article which was published by the Conference of Editors and Business Managers who churned out Anthropological and Psychological Periodicals. This occurred after a 2-day meeting in Washington DC.


APA style is easy to master and understand. In fact, it isn’t overwhelming with complexities. The important guidelines you have to take into account after having made a choice to use the style include; a typed essay which is double-spaced on a standard –sized piece of paper ,preferably 8.5’’*11’’.
Additionally, you should use a clear font size that’s easily legible. A remarkable font to incorporate into your craft is 12pt Times New Roman font. In addition, there’s a fixed way of inserting bibliography. Once you glean this meaningful information on how to go about APA, things will flow easily like a dandelion clock us to blow. APA is certainly one of the efficient writing styles available.

♠MLA Style
The MLA style, founded in 1833 is another dominant writing style in the academic sphere. It may also be referred to as Modern Language Association. In as much as it commenced and wired to be operational in the United States of America, it’s now widespread since it sauntered through virtually all corners of the world. At present, many Universities recommend it for their students. You can, therefore, narrow down into the style so you figure out more details on how to go about it. Once you learn, you, of course, won’t get cast away on the other side of the divide.


One indispensable guideline in MLA craft is evading plagiarism at all costs.MLA guidelines seek to sideline academic dishonesty, thereby encouraging unique and refreshed content every other time. This follows the fact that plagiarism nips progress in the bad, piercing academic growth in the global domain.
More guidelines include setting the page margins to one inch, double line spacing, creating a header with your surname and automatic page numbering and typing the works cited page. Also, while quoting sources, with MLA you should precisely show the details of the sources by quoting the author and page numbers as well.

♠Chicago Style

The Chicago style is also one of the acknowledged Academic Writing Styles that’s pivotal in documenting scholarly papers. To begin with, it first surfaced in the academic writing sphere in the year 1891 in the University of Chicago. From that time to date, several revisions aimed at ameliorating occurred to fine tune it. Actually, to date, it’s now efficient with a clear operative capacity.

You can make a point of going for it, provided it suits your institutions, as well as writing skills, acquired. Furthermore, it also entails a biography with the author names and book titles. You should also remember to incorporate footnotes and headnotes in your paper. Chicago styles are certainly one of the preferable styles you can use. More information is on it is in the online domain as well as books on guidelines

With the round information, it’s incontestably evident that the MLA, APA and Chicago writing styles are an effective way to empower your academic writing skills. In addition to that, you should keep pulses with the fact that the styles not only seek to spice up the scholarly documents but to ensure that there is a standard way of writing by all scholars in the global domain. For that very reason, to ensure the realization of over-the-top academic pieces, you should hastily make a point of understanding the styles. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with!



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