June 17, 2018
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  1. Sample Essay in Harvard Style: The mobile phone object and how it reveals a person’ s personality

  2. Sample Essay In MLA style: The effectiveness of paid advertising will never compete with free media placement and word of mouth

  3. Sample draft Dissertation: Investigation into strengths and weaknesses of freeware network simulation tools for educational purposes

  4. Thesis Draft Copy: Gender Gap in University Academic Performance: A study of the China Family Panel Studies

  5. Sample Capstone project : Draft related to Nursing: Evidence based practice

  6. Sample Draft Thesis-77 pages: A longitudinal analysis of role of the experience of poverty in explaining the socio-economic gradient of cognitive ability and educational attainment in the early years in Scotland

  7. Sample Thesis Proposal_ PhD: The Intelligence of E-CRM Applications and Approaches on Online Shopping Industry

  8. Thesis/Dissertation Sample draft- 44 pages: An Investigation of the Relationship between Education and Volunteering

  9. Half a Defence of Positive Accounting Research


  11. Sample Essay on the Law Of Tort: Imposition of duty of care on public bodies

  12. Sample Presentation: Writing a research proposal

  13. Passive Ventilation For Urban Higrises In Subtropical And Tropical Asia-Draft Completed

  14. MSc International Financial Analysis

  15. Capstone Project Proposal: Axle Counter Systems: Design Optimisation using 3D Magnetic Fields from a Multi-objective point of view

  16. Technical assignment:The variation between the buckling modes (pattern of it and sinusoidal imperfection)

  17. Transport Economics Component Assignment

  18. Draft proposal: A Best Practice Model For Working With Resistant Involuntary Social Services Clients In The Context Of The United Arab Emirates

  19. Recommendation Report: Decreasing Euthanasia Rates in Animal Shelter

  20. Sample Draft: Importance of Culture when evaluating an investment opportunity in an emerging economy

  21. Research Project Guidelines

  22. Sample Draft: Network performance analysis & investigation performance results

  23. Sample Draft Copy: Bioactivity of Thermophilic Bacteria Isolated from Hot Springs in Southern Region of Saudi Arabia

  24. Sample Draft: Comparison of MRI and CT in stroke

  25. Climatic analysis- Rogh Dtaft

  26. Draft on accounting subject. 

  27. Reciprocating Compressor Performance

  28. Sections_of_the_MEd_Research_Thesis_

  29. Math Project: Mass Spring Oscillator with External Force

  30. Math problem_HPLC__sample draft__
  31. Math problem: ReactionD Time_Gaze_Sample__

  32. Sample project__Integration and Utilization of Advanced Hybrid Powertrains






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