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Essay editing

Essay editing

After going through all the troubles and agonies of organizing your ideas and arriving at an interesting thesis, you may want to fold your hands and feel satisfied with your work. In most cases, you will only run a spell check and rush to print your final copy. However, spell check alone cannot solve virtually everything. Your readers may get bored, distracted and confused when reading your essay.  For purposes of coming up with a masterpiece, here are few steps to guide you through the editing process.

The most important thing is for you to read your work aloud. Concentrating much on sentences can sometimes make you lose sight of the bigger picture; how the sentences sound when read aloud. Read quickly one sentence after another and give yourself time to internalize what they mean. In other words be your own critic. Be alert on anything that sounds odd. Go over it severally to discover where the problem is.

As you read your piece, ensure all the words and phrases are necessary. Don’t use phrases for the sake of it. Ask yourself, whether your sentences are crisp or dull. Don’t use many words to explain something that only requires a few words. Always go straight to the point.  At this point, ensure there is no repetition. Don’t say “my own opinion” use either my or own since the two means the same thing.

It is also important to try and find the perfect and most appropriate words to use in your essay. A clear and simple language is easily understood by your reader. No one is interested in knowing your repertoire. Keep it simple and straight to the point.

Finally, as you revise your essay avoid sneaking in your favorite sentences knowing that they don’t apply in the essay. You may find it irresistible to avoid using them but ask yourself, are they relevant. Readers are attracted by content but not by the beauty of your words. Go over your essay three times to ensure nothing is left unsolved.





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