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Resume Writing

Type of ServiceResume Writing
Academic LevelUndergraduate/Associate Degree
Citation StyleNone (Not Applicable)
No. of Pages/Wordcount4 page(s)/1100 Words
No. of Sources/References3
English UK/US/AU?English US
Description1.Selected Theory:Write a 1-page statement that discusses one specific theory(reviewed in Chapter 4) or approachthat you feel truly informs your work. Discuss specific elements that you feel are important from this theory and why. Who do you agree with and why?

2.Philosophy Statement:You will reflect and write about your personal attitudes about how young children learn and the teacher’s role in this learning. This statement should be 1 –2 paragraphs in length and typed. While developing your statement, you should reflect on information from your textbook, class discussions, and your reflections. Please reflect on the following as you develop this statement:•What you know/feel and have learned about principles of Child Development (Chapter 4 is helpful for this)•How do you believe children learn? What is the role of the teacher in helping children learn?•What kind of activities do you believe are best for young children? •What is the role of play in a child’s learning?

3.Resume: Create a 1-page resume that outlines your qualifications and experience. 

4.Cover Letter: Write a 1-page cover letter applying for a specific position. Use an actual job posting that you found on the internet (craigslist.com, Child Action, etc.) or posted on campus.

5.References:Create a 1-page list of 3-5 references.

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